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What is the
Hummingbird School?

A school that is nestled by sprawling paddy fields in a remote tribal village called Kulamua, in Majuli (the world’s largest river island) is a fun-filled, well-researched workspace that promotes self-learning in children and the child in every adult that likes to work with children. Known for its kind environment, the school serves as an educational and experimental platform for anyone who is keen to learn.
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'It takes a village
to raise a child'

Popular proverb

Bipin Dhane


Degree : B.Tech and M.Tech in Ocean Engineering and Naval Architecture
Institution : IIT Kharagpur

Our Story

In the year 2015, Bipin Dhane, an alumnus of IIT Kharagpur and the founder/principal of The Hummingbird school quit his job at Singapore and came back to India to work in a school. When he was working for the school, he was invited by the villagers of Kulamua village to visit their place.

In the words of Mr. Dhane, "I was moved by the dismal situation in the villages here. The villagers requested me to start a school here and promised to contribute to the school in every way possible and as promised they all came together like little hummingbirds and contributed in their own ways right from donating the land, wood, and bamboos to working for days together in sun and rain to bring the school to life, all of it without any cost. Their zeal to give education to their children still keeps me going.

Earlier I was concerned how the school or hostel would come to be in a place 2 km away from the village with no electricity and surrounded by fields and forest. But as the school took shape and with the kind of love that villagers showered upon the school, I got more confident with every passing day. I still remember the story behind every bamboo wall in the school and hostel, how it was made, people involved in making of it. It feels like it all happened in a hazy one minute video. It just shows how people can come together and make dreams into reality."

There is a popular proverb, 'It takes a village to raise a child'. In this case, it literally has taken an entire village to build a school and educate their children.

Our Amazing Team

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Debayan Saha

Donor Relations

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Dharamjeet Kumar

Community Outreach

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Vatan Saini

Vice principal

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Aswathy Preetha Jayakumar

Curriculum and Pedagogy